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"Funny how they wait ‘till you’re gone just to miss you."

Kanye West (To the World)

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best porn blog ever

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stunning weight loss transformations omfg

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"We looked at each other a little too long to be ‘just friends’."

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too horny to sleep

too tired to masturbate

Omg life( ._.)

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"I get jealous of the sheets that get to hold you and keep you warm all night. That should be me."

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S.n. it suppose to say partner not parents. Excuse my stupid typo. #pp

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but love is about having your partners back through thick and thin weather it be financially, sexually, physically and emotionally. I don’t believe its a bad thing when your parents just can’t help themselves but want to just have sex all the time with you, shouldn’t it be a good feeling when he/she wants you so much each and everyday that it should calm you that they don’t want anyone else. I would completely understand if you and your partner lived together and they wanted to have sex all the time (then one can complain) but if he/she only see’s you certain times per week for only a few hours and they wanted sex wouldn’t be bad at all? In reality sex takes as much as 30 mins and for example if your with him/her for several hours than y’all could make plans or go do some activity you would enjoy on your part. I’m sorry but if your offended and actually believe your partner wanted you for nothing but sex is beyond offensive to him/her do to the fact that they aren’t just there to have sex with you. I’m pretty sure they have either helped you in some kinda money issue or emotional issue were they had to help you feel either better about yourself or helped you through a tough situation. If you would step back and look (if your in a long term relationship) your partner has been there through beyond thick and then further more they have probably dealt with annoying family members, rude comments and not being accept they have held their place and stuck with you regardless of anybody’s thought about them all because he/she loves you with every bit of their soul and body. I can assure you they have gone through so many self obsticals for example changing the way they look or their lifestyle just for the well being of the relationship. Lost close friends and quality family time just to be with you and honestly I know you never told him/her to do all that for you but they probably love you more than enough to drop their whole world for you. Also if he/her are assholes most of the time and get very jealous over they way you dress or when yall fight they dont want to lose, its not because they are possessive or hard headed its probably because they don’t want anyone looking at you they way they are suppose to look at you. Overall before you assume shit take a step back a look at what all your partner has been through with or for you and then make a decision about what your about to say or type for the whole world to see.

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